The Collector Postmortem

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December 21st, 2013 2:47 pm

For Ludum Dare 28 I created a game titled The Collector.  The goal was to collect score pips, while avoiding green platforms.  At the end you would fire a bomb that would turn the green platforms into additional score.


What Went Wrong:

– Going into this Ludum Dare I had some very specific goals in mind for my game. It needed to have a score systems, because I wanted to have an online High-Score table. I had other ideas based on the theme, but none that would have had a score. So I went with this and about half way through just lost interest in it.

– While its a minor thing, I wanted to have a slider for sound and music levels, but I’ve never set the volume level in Construct 2 so I wasn’t sure how to go about it, as two global settings.

– Scaling and the positioning of objects. I spent quite a few hours messing with it, but never got it how I wanted. I wanted it to fill the browser area, but when I set it to do this it became a lot trickier to position the objects. In the end I set it to letterbox scale, so when its not in fullscreen (16:9 ratio) there is a black bar to the left and right.

What Went Right:

– The User Interface is much better than past attempts, as well as the way high scores are loaded and displayed. After giving up on the game part of the game I decided to focus in on the UI and the High Score table.

– The effect of the background changing. Depending on the difficulty you select the background changes from black to red as time goes on. But the color also indicates the number of platforms left. You start with 255 black platforms, and as they change into green platforms the background turns to red.

– The Highscore table worked the way I intended. The top 10 high scores for each difficulty are shown, additional scores will be shown on a webpage. Before the Ludum Dare my web-hosting was being really slow, but luckily it was all resolved before hand. I was a little worried about having it load the highscore each time you changes selected difficulty. given more time I would have loaded them into variables to display later. But so far I haven’t noticed it taking to long to load.

– Performance this time the game performs much better than my LD27 entry, the FPS seems to be a lot higher. Grant it there are a lot fewer objects being drawn.

– The sound effect for hitting a  green platform is so satisfying sounding. It makes me want to collect them all.




What Is Next:

– I don’t plan to continue with this game, I think of it more as a testing and proving ground than a game. I learned a number of things about Construct 2 from doing this, and explored the limits of the software.

– The possible exception is if I decide to create a new website for my Ludum Dare games (and others) some sort of arcade website. Then I would probably spend some additional time on this game and the others just to polish it up some more. In particular I would like to use a different color for the four different difficulties. Also not sure that green is the best color for it.

Other Thoughts:

– There have been some comments on how my use of color is backwards, and that green should be good and red bad. The argument is that the colors on a stop sign are green for go and red for stop. My counter argument is that in Legend of Zelda (and most games) Red represents health, whereas green represent poison.


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  1. sam1373 says:

    The real argument is that coming into you game, most people will think that red is bad and green is good, unless you specify otherwise. That’s just the common stereotype for colour-coding.

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