intervalo – Postmortem

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December 21st, 2013 4:26 pm

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For this LD I released my game, intervalo (interval in Portuguese). Here are my thoughts on what worked, on what didn’t and my future plans for it:

What went well:

-The main mechanic. The mechanic works like this: the player is rotating in a circle. There’s a period of time where you press enter in a certain timing. The first time you press enter it will set the direction, the presses afterwards will change the player’s texture, which permit to pass/colide with certain blocks. After the period of time where you press enter follows a period where the game will replicate your presses.

I’m happy with how the mechanic turned out. I thought of it at the end of day one when I was having dinner, it came to me when I wasn’t thinking about the compo. I guess next time I need to have an original idea I just need to distract myself. 😉

-The graphic style. While it’s not super flashy it is clean and modern.

What didn’t went well:

-Music. Heeeh, or should I say the lack of it. It was a mixture of “didn’t have time” and of “doing music is my archilles’ heel”.

-Explaining the main mechanic. Some people got confused on how the game worked, so I should have done more to teach the mechanic to the players, considering the uncommonness of it.

-Potential that wasn’t executed. The game is six levels long so there’s not much into it.

The future:

I’d like to make an improved version of it. Basically a polished version with more levels and mechanics.

Closing thoughts:

Overall I’m glad I participated on this Ludum Dare. Not only I had fun while making intervalo as I’m thinking to expand its concept without the rough edges.

See you next LD!


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