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December 20th, 2013 10:35 am

Re: Public Mischief Performance

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I set out to make a silly/funny/chaotic game this time. Ludum Dare is a harsh judge, but the audience’s collective face upon witnessing my masterpiece was:


Yep, it seems like my game was actually well-received this time. No “this is confusing” comments apart from the ones made as a joke just to provoke me.┬áSome highlights:

awardcomment1(I’ve been waiting for this comment for like 8 LDs)comment3comment2comment4(this guy streamed it, it was hilarious)

I wanted to make a game that comes close to “performance art” when played. I love games that make me shout and curse and feel like awesome when I finally succeed. In all aspects, this was designed to be a game that’s played in such a lively way, preferably with an audience. After playtesting with you guys and even IRL friends, it seems like I’ve succeeded: I’ve made people laugh out loud. With me, not at me.

Said playtests have also given me ideas for post-LD development. I knew from the start I’d have to jam because I was busy with life, and I also knew I’d take the game further after submitting, so you can treat it as a prototype of something yet more awesome. Check out my design notes for a preview.

The judges are the faces of this game, literally and figuratively. If you simply got a numeric score, it wouldn’t feel as involving. The judge system feels much more like a dialogue between the player and the game, as well as giving the game a lot of personality. Some of the responses appear in highly specific circumstances, some are just plain comments on how well/badly you did. There are a total of 33 responses in the game, including one that appears outside of the judging phase, and one that I forgot to add the sound file for (but it’s pretty esoteric to get and a normal player won’t see it anyway). Gotta catch ’em all.

Another part of why it’s fun is that the game mechanics are pretty transparent this time, no lambda functions or anything. I made a gameplay video of how to use bullet time and nitro tactically, if you still can’t get good reviews after watching that I guess you need to


more pffthahaahayehhaharahar.

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