“Hammerfall” Post-Mortem

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December 20th, 2013 4:24 am

Hello, we are Pixlexia. And we made Hammerfall!


The Good

  • No major game breaking bugs. Hooray!
  • Gameplay turned out to be more than what we expected. We really didn’t think about it at first, but when Hammerfall started to become playable, we realized there’s actually a bit of strategy and decision-making in it. Things like skill combinations, or deciding whether it’s worth it to buy a skill or just save up and hope for a better one on the next round.
  • Improvement. We both agree that among the few games we’ve made, this one is the most presentable and the most fun to play. It really feels great to see how much your team has improved after several LD’s.
  • We finished it! When we finally decided what the gameplay would be, we thought it was a tad bit ambitious. We started about 10-ish hours late, but we were still able to finish it on time with 10 skills, 8 enemies, 15 levels, and enough polishing to make it look presentable.


The Bad

  • Little to no testing. The enemies and the levels were implemented only just a few hours before the deadline. This left us with little to no time to test and balance the game. After submission, we found out that we forgot a few sound and particle effects (e.g. “spark” particles when a unit is hit, some skill sound effects). Also there were some bugs, but not really game breaking ones.
  • No BG Music. Because we didn’t have time.

Thanks for reading and see you all in April!

Play Hammerfall!

Top-down! Arena! Waves of enemies! Shoot-em-up! Upgrades! Coins! Exp! Fun!

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