Gasha-power — Faster now (v3)

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December 20th, 2013 1:09 pm


UPDATE: There’s now a third version of this game that should address the performance issue for good. This message is referring to the second version that partially resolved the performance issue, but it wasn’t fully fixed. Here’s the original message:

I have managed to get the game to run more faster than before. Turns out to be less complicated than first through. Regardless, this game is not efficient still. Although, it is running faster and less laggy than before. This will have to do for this entry. Next time, I will put more work toward my next Flash platformer to make it run more efficiently.

What I had done to make the game faster is actually quite simple but not obvious: the entire level was caching as a bitmap. That is the main reason for the lag. The second reason is having certain objects NOT caching as bitmap. One are the blocks. Another are the enemies.

Also, I had dropped the frame rate from 60hz to 50hz as a precaution to compensate the large objects loaded onto the stage.

Hopefully this game now runs fast enough to make it more playable. Be sure to (re)try the game out!

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  1. Photon says:

    Didn’t run with any significant problems for me. It’s a nice little game.

    Also, something seemed familiar and I hit up Kongregate to check… you’re the guy behind that Mosaic Mingle game I found some months ago, aren’t you? 😮

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