This has been bugging me for a few LDs now…

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December 19th, 2013 7:33 pm

UntitledForgive me for being ‘that guy’, but as a regular LDer I’ve come to find myself disliking this one particular thing: Titles of links get split between lines! It’s just a small pet peeve of mine, but I was thinking — if the fix is simple enough, and other people aren’t a fan of it either — that it be fixed and titles of links (that go over the edge) instead start a new line. Just a thought I’ve been meaning to bring to your attention. Don’t mind me!


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  1. Jiggawatt says:

    If your links need a line break, the problem is on your end. For example, “Development Timelapse (on Youtube)” could just be “Timelapse” and everything would still know what it means.

  2. Sam Scaife says:

    Can you use   instead of the space’s. If you can that’ll fix this for you now.

  3. Sam Scaife says:

    the comment box recognised the html -.-
    use “&-nbsp; ” !!without the dash!! in stead of spaces when writing the name e.g. Development&-nbsp;Timelapse&-nbsp;(on&-nbsp;Youtube)

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