Postmortem : “The Last Day of Mr Kane”

December 19th, 2013 10:15 am

Hi, I created my first videogame for this 28th Ludum Dare !


This game, which is entitled “The last day of mr Kane”, is inspired by the famous movie “Citizen Kane”. You are a selfish old man who feels that his life come to an end. So you have 1 minute to become happy by different ways (you only get a single phone call, a single flower, a single piece of paper etc…) in order to rest in peace. If you want to reach the best score, you have to redo the game and to try the different possibilities that are offered to you.

Here is the link of my game : “The last day of mr Kane”

The good:

  • My first Ludum Dare ! And more than that, my first videogame. I started from scratch and I managed to create a game in 48 hours !
  • I had a lot of fun to do it.
  • I quoted one of my favourite movie.
  • Graphics are not so bad for a first time with pixel art.
  • The game is pretty balanced and the idea fits the theme.(concerning the time you get)
  • Ludum Dare is one of the best experience I ever lived !

The bad:

  • It is glitchy, especially with the stairs.
  • Not a single sound (but you know, my games refers to silent movies too… :p )
  • A very small game
  • A lot of other small things.
  • I couldn’t work on my game during the afternoon of Sunday.
  • I failed my german test of monday at high school :(

Good Luck for your games and I hope that you will have fun with my game (as I have fun with yours) in spite of the potential glitches :)


PS : I’m french… Sorry if I did english mistakes

Kane2 Kane1

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