Going Down Timelapse and Postmortem

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December 19th, 2013 2:55 pm

It’s taken three goes, but at last I’m actually happy with the outcome of this LD. Myself and fellow jammer Gredgie only really had 48 hours for this jam due to commitments on Monday, so we had from Saturday morning until Sunday evening to wrap up everything bar the most polishiest of polishing.

After waking up to find out the theme, we sat and mused (panicked) for almost a full hour before we struck upon our idea. You’re in a plane, it’s crashing, and there’s only one parachute. We asked ourselves if the theme was too morbid, but then decided that if we just made the game out and out ridiculous, we’d be okay.

So off we went, myself using my familiar environment of C# and Monogame via VS2012, Gredgie sticking with the ever-faithful Photoshop and his Wacom.

We spent the first day designing the plane, using a cut-away internal view and creating a tilemap using Tiled. We put the player in control of the plane’s pilot starting in the cockpit at the front of the plane and with an exit door at the rear. We went for a right to left scroll direction simply because that’s how I was imagining it in my head.

By adding parallax-scrolling clouds in the background, and random camera shake, the scene started to get pretty immersive. Then I had the idea of rotating the plane at random to put it in a nosedive, and to introduce sliding physics in the direction of the slope. All easy stuff to do, but it contributed to the feel greatly.

I took a small amount of code from a previous game to deal with animation using Spine and added the plane’s passengers (one for each of the seats laid out on the map). I then added a simple punch attack that knocks back the player/the AI passengers. The AI was then given four distinct states:

  • Panic (default behaviour)
  • Attacking/being attacked
  • Going for the parachute (when they get close enough)
  • Going for the exit (if they have the parachute)

The aim of the game was set ins tone: Grab the parachute, and get to the rear exit.┬áKnock out the plane’s passengers to give yourself time to escape. The AI all follow the same MO.

Day two was all about setting up the intro and outro of the game, and adding as much graphical polish as possible. The game has three possible endings:

  • The plane crashes, nobody lives
  • One of the AI gets the parachute and opens the door (everyone else is sucked out of the plane and dies)
  • The player gets the parachute and opens the door (the player floats to safety while everyone else dies)

On Monday evening, I had a few hours left so I added some beat-em-up style weapons. We ran out of time for Gredgie to finish the graphics before submission though, so the weapons and parachute objects are still pretty much placeholder. That’s the only bit about the game I’m not 100% happy with, but time is time.

Response to the game has been awesome thus far, and now I’m busy keeping up with rating everyone that’s kind enough to leave a comment. I’m pretty chuffed with it to be honest – it’s short, fun and┬ádarkly humorous.

Play our game, dammit!

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