Drone! Post-Mortem

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December 19th, 2013 3:45 pm



The Team:

Drone! is the first Ludum Dare entry of two aspiring Game Enthusiasts/Designers/Programmers/Artists from Austria.

The Difficulty with ideas, the box and time pressure

The things we agreed on were to use sprites, pixel art and pixel lightning. Technics both of us had very little, to no experience beforehand. When we first read the theme it took us about 12 hours until we had some ideas to get startet. We tried so hard to think outside the box that we were not able to come up with ideas that translated well into a game. Thinking outside the box – while having limited time is very hard!
The final game was a step back to the basics. You only get one minute to get to the rescue pod (which was a good way to keep the scope as small as possible). The only “twist” on the theme was that the drone has to get No.1 (the char with a big one digit on the breast – how smart 😉 ) and rescue him.

The Game Mechanics

The player has one minute to navigate the Character (1) using W (up) A (left) S (down) D (right) to the end of the level. The way is blocked with closed doors which are opened at consoles. While standing in front of a console the player has to hold the Space bar and enter a random generated code – consisting of the letters W A S D.
If the code is entered correctly the door opens and the player is able to advance.
To add pressure to the player he is also attacked by random numbers of aliens. In order to defeat the aliens the player has to navigate around and target them with his rescuer – the drone – using a left mouse click on the alien.

The Problems

Everything in the game was created from scratch. Every line of code and every asset. We also tried the new unity features like the animator or the 2D feature, but they dont support pixellighting and our shader skills were not advanced enough to come up with a shader solution. Therefore we faced a lot of problems while working and implementing stuff. We also had no real workflow or pipeline defined. Which let to nearly every task taking longer than expected. There are a lot of things we had ready but couldn`t be implemented in order to submit in time.
Like Sound and particle effects – for more player feedback – or animations.


We are very happy with the final game.
We also know that the game has issues – which would not be there if we have had a better time and workflow management.
If we are able to define and mangage those things better in the future, we are able to create more polished games and maybe submit them before the last 2 minutes (pfff – it was realy close this time)

Final words

We worked a lot over the weekend but we also had a ton of fun and we learned even more.
The Ludum Dare community is awesome. Reading the first positive comments is an incredible feeling – thanks to everyone!!!

Happy holidays and see you in April!

Alfi and Lukas

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