I Want to Play Your Games!

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December 18th, 2013 1:21 pm

After making my own, I’m itching to play all the other great games made last weekend.  But, I can mostly only play web-based versions, which are hard to find via searching.

So, if you’ve got a web-based game and want more reviews, post a link (or title) in the comments and I’ll try and play it.  Publicity for everyone! Win-win situation!

And it wouldn’t be right not to post my own, too (sadly not web-based, though) so:



Edit:  Also, click the little heart button to like this page so others can see it and find games to play, too.  Thanks!

20 Responses to “I Want to Play Your Games!”

  1. thedeadlybutter says:


    Did something a little different than normal this year, thoughts?

  2. LTPATS says:

    This is a good idea, it can be tricky sorting through all of the games at once, trying to find those I can actually play and haven’t rated yet! Here’s my game, Wall of Fingers:

    The soundtrack can be acquired through bandcamp if anyone is into that.

    It would be nice to be able to organize the games by category, already voted on, etc., though I don’t know how much trouble that would be to set up (or if it would hurt the number of ratings on non-web games).

  3. stenol says:

    It’s a very simple space shooter game. I have lot of thing to do to improve it but I think that the base is correct. You have only one life to pass the 3 ennemies waves.


  4. Symmeteer says:

    Here’s my web game:

    This is a great post. I’ll be checking out the other web games people leave in the comments – because I’m a bit lazy!

  5. Static 64 says:

    Thanks to everyone so far! Click the “heart”/like button if you like this page so others can find great games, too!

  6. SecondDimension says:

    Hey cool idea, here is my game. Web-based with 360 controller support. Thanks for giving it a go, will bookmark this and check out all the other games.


  7. derdragon says:


    Admittedly, there are two parts with a spotlight that seem to break in the web version. Technically you can still click stuff though… you just can’t see what you’re clicking.


  8. Static 64 says:

    Okay, I’ve played them up to this point. Check your pages for comments.

    Thanks, and keep ’em coming!

  9. hadesfury says:

    If you’re a point n click amateur, here is our entry. It’s a bit rough around the edges but we’ll try to impove it!
    And it’s made in Unity Web Player!

  10. eemmbbeerr says:


    First time taking part in a team we’ve made an O.K. game… in our opinion :). It is a puzzlish platformer about a technician and a lot of cheesy jokes.

    The thing we messed up the most are collisions as getting stuck in the walls happens more often than what makes us comfortable with what we’ve made.
    Anyway, give it a shot, please :)

  11. Kayelgee says:

    As long as you’re fine with Unity Web Player:


    Web versions are nice but don’t neglect the standalone guys everyone! Everybody deserves a rating ^^

  12. Static 64 says:

    Kayelgee, I absolutely agree that standalone guys deserve attention, too (myself among them). But for those that can’t or having difficulty playing them, I hope this helps find what you can play.

  13. Kayelgee says:

    I just mentioned it because I tend to get lazy from time to time and only click on web entries myself ^^’

  14. Static 64 says:

    Alright! I’ve played all the games listed above by now, and left comments on (I think) all of them. Thanks to everyone for listing, designing, and playing.

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