We need to talk about Heart.

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December 17th, 2013 1:26 pm


Heart is my Ludum Dare entry, and now that the cat is fully out of the bag I feel it is time to give an artist’s statement — so to speak.

You Only Get One

You Only Get One

Heart is a game you can’t play. Heart is a zelda-like in which you start with one heart. That’s tough, right? What’s worse: you can’t get hearts in the game. Too bad, sorry no hearts. The only way to get hearts in Heart is for other people to give them to you. If someone gives you their heart, you will have an extra heart, but they will be perma-dead forever. They just can’t play.

In the LD28 build of Heart, none of this is very apparent. There isn’t a great deal of weight because there isn’t enough content. So I want you to imagine for a moment. Imagine that you are playing a zelda-like and that it is fun, and nostalgic, and brutally difficult because you only get one heart. OK. Now imagine that fight through that, and you get to the forest with the master sword, only you can’t lift it. It’s too heavy for you. An old tree explains: not everyone gets to be the hero.

For anyone to lift the sword, at least two others have to renounce the privilege of ever playing the game (barring the cheaty-face cheaters: they will always find a way). Not only that: even if you get 3 hearts and are able to lift the master sword… have you ever beaten Zelda on 3 hearts? I haven’t. Some people have, and to them I say “koodos”. Most of us need to get almost every heart in the game. This means you need, like, ten people backing you with their hearts.

Oh and what? You can’t give your heart away until you’ve played through the beginning of the game. Yeah, that’s right. So you can’t just get ten friends to randomly click “give heart”. You need ten gamers who are willing to play part way through a zelda-like with _one_heart_ and then renounce their ability to ever play again. Then, and only then, can you play Heart with a reasonable chance of beating the game.

I’m not done with Heart: this ugly, painfully short, glitchy hackathon of a tech-demo is only the beginning. I intend to make a soulful, challenging, hand-drawn, desert-nomad zelda-like that very few people will play, and that even fewer people will beat. That game will be called Heart.

Because hey, listen: you only get one.


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  1. h4tch says:

    I really like the idea of an online game that has really tough bosses and/or quests and requires a large ammount of the communities’ partition to beat. Something like the anime, Sword Art Online.

    Personally, I think this would be really cool, but is too harsh. Instead being perma death, I think they shoud be allowed to exist for a short amount of time. They could potentially survive if the heroes succeeds and gives back his heart.

    I could see this type of game having a diehard cult following.

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