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December 17th, 2013 5:18 am


What is Tetris Jump:
Tetris Jump is a crossover between Tetris and any platformer game.
Basically your task is to get from the Red block to the Yellow block. By placing Tetris blocks. But “You Only Get One” each turn. After each placing phase there will be a platforming phase. to switch between the phases press: enter/return.

How to play

Placement view

In the placing phase you can move the Tetris block with W & S, and rotate the field by A &  D
one you like the position you just press enter/return and the block will start moving while you are in platformer perspective.
Platform View
once the block stopped moving or got destroyed because it didn’t hit anything you can press enter/return to position a new Tetris block. so on till you made it till the end.

My Experience:
Tetris Jump was my first successful Ludum Dare.
Previously I wanted to do to much in too little time, but this time we took a doable concept that was realizable within the 72 hours of the Jam. I worked together with Peter Vrieling and Cristian Calin. Peter provided me with the models and textures and Cristian with the Music.
And me would be Roy Schroder doing the programming. I do have to say that  it feels good to have a team that is willing to help and make something awesome. I would like to keep this team together for later jams.

What went well:

  • Doable Project
  • Time Available
  • Good team Members
  • Created something new
  • Was able to give my own twist to theme
  • Satisfied
  • reused models a lot so modeler doesn’t have to create a ton of assets
  • Product almost portfolio ready

What went wrong:

  • Didn’t fix all bugs
  • Wanted to program the game in a nice manner making things overly complex
  • Did not manage to add in score system and HUD, even though  the game provided all need variables for it.
  • Worked separated with the team members.


How to improve:

  • Work with team members at one location.
  • Make (some) UML Diagrams before making.
  • Try to reward the player more.
  • Make the game easier to play.

What I learned:

  • Sleep is for the weak
  • I can program while being drunk
  • live streaming doesn’t really help you get other people involved with your project


How I spend my time:

  • Programming: 30 h
  • Sleep: 10 h
  • Partying: 8 h
  • Eating: 4 h
  • Traveling: 3 h
  • Buying secondhand Kinect: 3 h
  • Brainstorming: 2 h
  • Showering: 0h


What now?

Shower, Sleep and Rating Games. Maybe at the Same Time.
If you want me to rate yours let me know.


If you haven’t seen our project yet:

Shameless Self Plug


Roy Schroder Aka Therrato


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