Postmortem of Farm Fortress

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December 17th, 2013 4:10 am

Okay, so I’ll do a classic The good/bad/ugly postmortem about my entry: Farm Fortress, a fast-paced (kinda) strategy and economy management game. You can play it by clicking on the image below:

The goal of the game is simply profit, and for that you need the income that having planted farms provides, but invaders will try to destroy your farm as it gets bigger.
You start by building a house, to be able to plow land and plant on that. You get gold every five seconds from interest over each plant you have planted (plowed ground doesn’t count), and a bit more when the plant is harvested.
The main mechanic here is to combo the timer with the most plants, so you get more money. Plants cost more to be planted than what they give when harvested. You also increase the income from your farms when you build additional houses.
You can also build towers and fences to protect your farm, because when you get to 6 farmlands, invaders will begin to attack your farm. Towers shoot arrows at them, and fences aggro them the most. When a building is destroyed, you need to clear the debris before being able to build on that spot again. If you lose all your houses, you lose, after all, you get only one farm!

I will probably continue developing this in the upcoming weeks, maybe add different types of plants and even a multiplayer mode! But mainly, a tutorial and/or menu screen.

The good:

  • Used a familiar engine (Unity, with C#)
  • Learned new things (namely LINQ and reflection)
  • Using the new things above, made a really nice layer of abstraction for the game
  • Thought about the theme a lot when the top themes were revealed
  • Cleaned up schedule for the weekend


The bad:

  • Used a commercial tool (SimplePath, for AI), and couldn’t follow my open-source ideal (Though if you want the source, contact me @kroltan)
  • Didn’t have any experience with the aforementioned tool, using 12 hours to integrate it
  • I’m terrible at graphics, even worse at sounds (that’s why the game is mute, BTW)


The ugly:

  • Having this concept from before the LD started, wneh I saw the theme I couldn’t think of a way to fit this idea, so i wasted 6 hours on another game prototype, then came back to the defense strategy idea
  • Wasting all this time, had to publish my compo-targeted idea as a Jam entry.

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