Post-mortem “The Chipper”

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December 17th, 2013 7:20 am

Hello friends,we are bunch of game designers,programmers and artists from a game design college in India.This was the first time we managed to submit a complete game, of course it’s a bit buggy and might not be the greatest concept but hey we had fun 😀
That is what gamejams are supposed to be I guess, so yes I will continue with the postmortem now.

First of all “The chipper” is a stealth action game, where you play as an robot who is trying to escape this lab full of robots patrolling here and there, if you get detected you die in one shot. Your only friend is your gun which can release one single EMP, you can pick this emp from after deploying it.So find your way to the exit to escape !
First some screenshots
The Chipper 2013-12-17 07-18-16-16The Chipper 2013-12-17 19-38-38-07The Chipper 2013-12-17 07-22-03-91

Here is the entry

What went right :
1. Fun to play, single mechanic. This is what we thought, the idea of one bullet might be cliche but we had a interesting take on it, you have to pick the ammo from the robot before the robot gets activated again. And it seemed fun enough to develop the idea and the game furthermore.

2.Stealth element: Adding stealth was a good decision, we did not “Add” it but it just developed from our universe

3.Unity engine: Yes, the engine was a right choice, we might have some bugs here and there but hey its working ! Also Unity Asset Store-I love you

4.We learned a lot of new stuff in terms of design,programming etc

5. Other Features done :

a.Robots patrolling to and forth or looping
b.Door puzzle added
c.Checkpoints working
d.Robots LOS system
e.Laser mechanic
f.Situations made in Levels
g.Loads of other stuff too

5.Finished and submitted and satisfied too !

What went wrong :

1.3d game but our artist was more comfortable with 2d

2.Bugs ! We ignored some bugs, as fixing them would take too long and we would miss the deadline

3.The idea might have been simple but the game was still big and ambitious,the mechanics needed to support the main mechanic and the game might be a bit too much we managed to finish it but I would like to make a game with even lesser other mechanics

So that’s it !
Next time it should be even more fun :)

If you read all this, please play the game and rate us and gives us feedback.

I will update the game and probably make a video too…but later I guess
Also here is an picture I clicked :) 6 am Saturday morning, right behind my college :)

Thank you :)

Avichal Singh

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