Post Mortem of Get Up, Get Out, Dont die

Posted by (twitter: @@Riilu_toylizard)
December 17th, 2013 2:28 pm

Well, now that my game is out and finished. I can say my words about the game I have created.

As I didn’t have much time, and was working alone, I couldn’t create a plethora of content. I quickly realized this limit and my idea ended up with making a really difficult game. The main issue was tying in the theme with the game itself. This ended up in a poor last minute decision of allowing the player to have only one checkpoint where he or she felt like placing anywhere. Admittedly it made it keep to the theme, but poorly so.

What went well.

Collision, my archnemesis, it works fairly well, some entity-entity collision issues sometimes, but nothing major or gamebreaking.

Graphics, while I wasn’t shooting for making an extreme artistic creation, i think it came out well aesthetically, the graphics are repetetive, but i never found it to be an eyesore.

Level loading/saving/creation. The world editor saver and creator is open to anyone to use. As I did not have the time to properly implement a system of keeping track of levels to keep many of them (due to XNA having no real function for keyboard input to text without a whole lot working around)

What didn’t went so well.

Limited entities, the hazards are rather limited sadly, if I had more time there would have been a larger variety in obstacles

Restrictive jumping, the sensetivity between making a short jump and a long jump is all too high. the few that playtested it before release always jumped into the blade traps in the ceiling at some places due to not hitting the spacebar fast enough.

Maps. The map took a lot of playtesting to make sure it would actually be possible to go through, so sadly I could only create one of it



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