Old MacDonald vs Zombies

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December 17th, 2013 8:19 am

First off, congratulations to everyone who entered LD #28!

This was my third LD, and like my LD #27 entry, I was aiming for the 48 hour compo but ran out of time… might just plan for the jam next time!

Old MacDonald vs Zombies



Old MacDonald vs Zombies is an arena survival / farming simulator. Okay, maybe not so much with the farming. You only get one weapon, though – your cow. Keep your cow happy by cleaning up after her, and she will run to you when you when you whistle, trampling all zombies in her path.

What went right

– Happy with the overall look of the game

– It’s actually fun (or so I think)

– I finished it in time

What went wrong

– Spent the first 20 hours of the compo on a completely different idea

– I love pixelart, but had never completed a game using it. I grossly underestimated the time it takes for animations 😛

– The sound isn’t everything thing I wanted it to be. I like the use of the Old MacDonald song, but wish I had more time to do a better mix

– There were a bunch of ideas that I wasn’t able to implement – more zombies, more cow-bilities, tutorial, and more overall juiciness

Final Thoughts

Man, I love Ludum Dare – it stresses me right the hell out, but nothing tops the feeling of hitting ‘Submit’! Really looking forward to sinking my teeth into the submissions this weekend, so many great looking entries :)


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