Did i ever tell you about the time i ate raw popcorn?

No, seriously.

This was our first Ludum Dare and it was good in many ways. We saw how we work together, we had different ideas and we decided to take a chance. Yes, why not?

We had very simple ideas that could easily be done in 72 hours, but discard all of them to do something a little more unexpected.

And it’s called “Distracted Detective”.
We returned to the old DOS games because we’re nostalgic bastards. We mixed a classical point ‘n click game with a little Carmen Sandiego feeling and voilà.

Distracted Detective Screenshot

Be a detective somewhat distracted, somewhat obsessive who can analyze only one item at a time.

It is clear that much could be done better, but we took a leap of faith and in the end it was not that bad. But I’ll leave the conclusions to you.

We say yay to:
– Work together was cool.
– Programming a point ‘n click was easy so I could think a lot about the detective cases.
– Pixel art FTW.
– I found a cool background music.

We do not say yay to:
– In the end, we had very few cases (we wanted around 10).
– All menus were done in a hurry.
– We didn’t have time to put sounds and more music.

Big message:
– Make a point ‘n click game is fun, easy and safe of bugs (but if you find some, we are sorry).
– Is it even legal to drink beer making games? I enjoyed it.
– I have to practice my English.
– More LDs from now on.

Our page project is:

Now let’s play all games!

2 Responses to “Back to the good ol’ times [that Post Mortem thing]”

  1. Bcadren says:

    Before Warner Communications took it over and ran it into the ground; Atari was famous for having a casual work environment including people drinking on the job with little consequence…of course Atari running it into the ground caused the first video game crash and lead to Nintendo being the new leader of the console market and this is all ancient history now, but…yes drinking and making games is normal.

    • veiadoida says:

      You, sir .. made my day.
      I didn’t know that big companies once had so lightweight policies. I think it was good ol’ times indeed.
      Anyway, I worked in a small game studio and when there were no perspectives, we mixed our overtime with beer. A lot of it. But that was only because we knew that the end was inevitable.
      Oh well… let’s drink to that. :)

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