Proper Post Mortem

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December 16th, 2013 7:00 pm

Nelios is amazing. He made a distributable copy of my game where I could not. So, I will now make a proper Post Mortem, with less hatred.

ONE is an ambient horror 3D first person puzzle game. In ONE, you traverse a maze of greyscale hallways and corridors that defy the laws of common geometry and space to find an escape.


I actually had the idea for a game like this a very long time ago, when I was DM’ing a campaign for D&D 3.5 among some of my friends. I wanted to come up with an interesting dungeon layout, instead of simply piling on monsters to keep the flow going. So I drew up a map of a network of disconnected halls with little arrows pointing between them to show the teleportation (Why the heck is that word underlined in red?) between them. I added a few monsters, too, just to add a bit of pacing to the explorations. It went down pretty well, and everyone enjoyed it, so I began writing up some plans to make a game out of the concept. I decided to make it an ambient horror game to add to the whole eeriness of the idea, and because I hate jump scares. I decided to make it black & white because I think colour detracts from terror. People take comfort in colour (at least I do). I figured extremely heavy fog into the idea as well, due to the fact that you’re being teleported (really, now. Teleport is a word…) around and I didn’t want the transitions to be noticeable. I decided to strike combat from the idea as well, because people strangely tend to take comfort in combat, too.

And then, I forgot about it.

After planning all of this out, I neglected to ever program it, and it slipped into the massive list of unfinished ideas. So then, when I got this theme, I was disappointed. Honestly, I was gunning (pun intended) for duel, as I was planning on making a western shoot-out game with Matrix-style slow motion. I didn’t want to make the generic you-only-get-one-bullet or, god forbid the unoriginality, you-only-get-one-life, so I began thinking about the theme from wacky points of view. After a few minutes, I realized that One could be a name of the game, as in “you only get this game”. So then I immediately set out to come up with an acronym for it. This changed back and forth quite a bit over the 48 hours, but in the end, I settled on Obscured Nonphysical Expanse, which I’m pretty happy with.

You can play ONE here. Web support is coming soon…

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