This is the second time I join a Ludum Dare competition. And the second time I spent a short day on it because my saturday was already taken by other obligations. Nevertheless I was able to submit something functional! Plus, I learned a whole deal in those 14 hours.

What went right
– Java! I hadn’t really made a full game before in pure Java (without any additional libraries), but it went rather well
– Using voice, that was a new one too. It’s not perfect, but I enjoyed implementing a bit of actual speech for the intro
-Some Java features I hadn’t had experience with, now for sure I do :). Mainly audio and Graphics2D
– I managed to keep my code fairly tidy. Of course, no comments at all :) and only at the end did my code go a tad messy, but overall I’m happy I kept the project nicely structured. It saved me some headdaches, I’m sure.

What went wrong
– I tried to stream to Twitch, but couldn’t get it to work on my Linux system
– Like my previous LD, I wasn’t able to make an actual ending. I should start earlier on such important things next time
– Kept pondering too long with a concept that was difficult to make, and even more difficult to make fun. K.I.S.S. applies here!
– Last minute failure to export… should have an emergency prototype out much earlier to ensure I can pubish my game at all

Really enjoyed this competition again. Back to life now, and I look forward for the next challenge. But first… I guess I’ll spend my time playing all your wonderful games :)!

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