One Take – Post Mortem

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December 16th, 2013 12:25 pm


 Can you see what the cameraman did wrong?

Play the game!


Post mortem

The idea

Coming up with an idea must be my least favorite part. You’re smashing your head on the table, trying to come up with something, while instead you want to start working on your game. In general I always try to be innovative in some way. All kinds of ideas came in my mind: You only get one bullet, you only get one try, you only get one.. thing. It all seemed so obvious, too straight forward. Finding something innovative is getting harder every time. When the camera idea crossed my mind, I took it as too hard to make. All these moviescenes I need to make. All the entities move around and you need to film them correctly. Coming up with the idea alone took me 3 hours. After another 15 minutes of not coming up with an idea, I decided to risk it, and go with the camera idea. And I’m really happy that I did.


What didn’t make it into the game?

I had the idea of using a microphone. You had to avoid getting this microphone on the screen. But idea came a bit late in development, and the code was messy already. Letting the microphone move around fluently would be hell, and I like how the player has no indicator of where to place his camera and is left alone with what he thinks is good. Originally there was also going to be this guy:

A director in the chair, shouting commands. I removed him mainly because of how he looked. All humans were in the limited pixelart style, and then you have this guy. I also thought it was nice for the player to look ahead and prepare for the next task.


What would you change/add if you had redone it?

The concept of being a cameraman, which I have never seen used before, could be done all kinds of ways. My game is putting the camera on the right spot every x seconds. But a more fluent game with this concept could also be fun. The camera could have had more functions. Focus for example. I will be playing around with the cameraman  concept, and see if I can make a fun, full length game.

For this version, I think I would’ve done the camera detection different. Or make it more specific in some way. I can understand people getting angry to the game, because they thought they filmed it correctly. This happens when they didn’t zoom in close enough, or they actors weren’t centered. Typing the numbers of these detection rectangles was the most boring and annoying part of the making of my game.


What have I learned?

That I shouldn’t take an idea as too hard straight away. By simplifying some parts of the ideas you can actually turn it into a really fun game! Besides that, I have learned that I can’t think ahead. The code is really, really messy. So that’s a thing I should work on. There are probably some more things that I’ve learned, that I either forgot or can’t come up with right now.


So what now?

As I said, I will most likely be planning on making a full version. But for now I hope that all you guys enjoy my game!

I recently opened my website:

I also have a Twitter account:

And here is the link to my game:

Thanks for reading, I’ll be playing and rating some games now. I’m really curious to what you guys have made!


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  1. Coblynau says:

    The concept is totally unique, you should definitely make it into a full version. :)

  2. afterisk says:

    I’m really glad you went for it. It’s one of my favorite entries. I’m sure the full version will be fantastic.

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