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December 16th, 2013 8:10 pm

Our first entry on LudumDare as a team. It’s an RPG game, but you only get ONE….
It’s just two of us, with no fields of expertise in art (you can see which one the ones we make). But finally we finished it, barely.
72 hours, with 3 exam in between. Don’t try it, it’s not healthy….

One For All & All For One

The ONE is an item in this game that control almost everything you do.
It can be used to attack enemies and heal allies.
But be careful as you use the ONE, you can exhaust it. And when you ran out of ONE, the game will be over.
Don’t worry, as you beat enemies the ONE’s power will replenish.
You cannot die normally in battle. When you die if there is still ONE left, you will be brought back to life. But as it told earlier, if you ran out of ONE the game will be over.


And that’s about it! Kinda stretching out the theme huh? But that’s who we are.
There’s many more included in this game, like characters and features. But you have to play it to know~

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