I made something, somehow!

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December 16th, 2013 7:59 pm

I can’t believe I pulled off something at the last minute!
I had the very best intentions of making something cool. My design was going to be based around the idea of “You Only Get One Jump.” It would have been a puzzle platformer where you can only jump once in the entire game, and need to use other tricks to get where you’re going, like riding elevators or melting through floors.

But then, suddenly, I got recruited for a New Years television special and had a camera crew following me around! The first day of the jam I had to prepare, and then for the last couple days I’ve been filmed and had to go a bunch of places. Yesterday I was on camera for 13 hours, so sitting down to make a game was not posssible.

This morning I had to go do more filming early in the morning, but as I was biking home I realized I’d arrive home at 10am and would have a whole hour to spare! YES!
So I threw something together in the final hour. Is it good? No, but it’s something! Hooray for making something! It’s called Christmas Cookies and you can play it here!

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