Failed again. :(

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December 16th, 2013 3:48 am


So, had a late start, and pretty much 2.5 of 3 of my days taken away from me… and that sucked…

But, man, it’s been like 7 years since I actually finished and submitted a game for a weekend game coding compo. :(

Oh well, I have a couple of good games started off from these past couple of Ludum Dares — so that’s not really bad — is it?

I think I want to continue working on this one over Christmas break — if I have time — I won’t have time — but if I did — that’s what I would do.


3 Responses to “Failed again. :(”

  1. d_0o_d says:

    Oh that sucks, I was looking forward to this game,I kinda like minimalistic platformers…

  2. Anheurystics says:

    The game looks promising.

    Actually, I think of game jams not as deadlines to meet, but sort of as environments to get work done in. It’s surprising what cool things can be done in such short time.

  3. alvarop says:

    Looks good though. I’d like to try it!

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