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December 15th, 2013 6:21 am

4.00 1h: Design by drawing tablet
5.00 2h: Basic assets
5.39: Basic assets and rendering in Love2D complete
5.48: 15min break
6.00: Prototyping actual gameplay viability (wall, civilian, werewolf, hero, crossbow) no animations, no sounds, no menu system. Hero movement with mouse aiming
6.20: Diablo 2 style character movement done. Maps and collisions next.
6.54: map drawing ok, map collisions next
7.00: shopping break, refresh and relax
7.45: back from shop, food, eating
8.10: continuing work
8.49: map tile collisions working ok.
8.56: break
9.48: picking up crossbow, done
10.12: Fixed my first bug. Player could always pickup a new crossbow, it was just now invisible
10.21: I just realized I will have horrible time without some kind of general game agent inheritance that generalizes all mobs, and I don’t have time to grok a class system for Lua.
10.50: Shooting arrow, arrow wall hit, rotating crossbow done
11.41: werewolf ai, partial
12.22: Text rendering, end screens and messages,
12.41: Break. Feeling tired.
14.25: Finished victory and defeat screen. still need musics,  maybe later
14.40: Break/finish for the day/trying to sleep now
15.39: TODO: BUGFIX: bind all timers, movements to time delta
—— zzz
23.10: woke up, starting work again
23.37: civvies exist, next up: colliding civvies with player
23.54: civvy collision with player done, next up: werewolf eating civvy, civvy panic mode
1.17: Werewolf eating civvies and civvies running away done, next up some polish
2.00: Level system kind of works all right. But it’s a little boring to play and need more levels, next: shiny crossbow background halo on theh ground
2.45: Shiny crossbow background halo on theh ground done, taking a BREAK
3.22: Just discovered that there’s a Love2D library for loading Tiled map editor maps. Too late now.
3.25: Lots of useful Love2D libraries it seems, that I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY should have looked into before diving in. https://love2d.org/wiki/Category:Libraries. Well this is called learning by doing and it’s certainly working for me.
3.45: eating
4.32: added some better graphics and paniced civilian image, taking a BREAK
11-12: zzz
12.00: shop
12.50: lack of sleep and bad sleep rhythm are really taking the toll. been unable to sleep or really rest, but also unable to write any code or do any art.
13.14: Haven’t really learned much. LD is not good for learning. Would require more time to carefully consider all options and to stop and think. What LD is good for is getting stuff done and not carefully considering everything.
13.48: particles done
14.06: 1 more level doesn’t seem feasible unless I implement more mechanics, which I have no time for
14.13: arrows now hit civilians
14.27: design of the game was quite successful, even if what I originally intended as the prototype wound up becoming the actual end result. The original design had all the aspects I have now and even if I anticipated that the gameplay wouldn’t be much of a thing, it’s still engaging enough to finish all the levels, I would think.
14.58: pause screen done
15.01: i think it’s time to make the first package of the finished product

Looking back at it. I really should have done Love2D warmups. The code is very raw, with a lot of repetition, with zero library usage. Also Tiled seems like a solid program. It’s unfortunate that I don’t have ground tiles, or a separate collision layer, but the method I used would have made that very laborious to implement.

I’m exhausted. Going to go chill and watch people code on Twitch. Maybe sleep, if I can.

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