The One Fork Restaurant (update #4 – testers needed!)

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December 15th, 2013 10:49 am

After a “good” night of sleep, I’ve been resuming work on my “restaurant customers have to share the fork” game. I’ve updated the graphics with backgrounds, menus and a short tutorial.

The One Fork Restaurant - Sharing Fork :)

The One Fork Restaurant – Sharing Fork :)

I feel that right now the game only lacks sounds and balance. That’s where I need your help! I’ve been trying to balance the game for the last couple hours, but It’s hard for me to judge whether the result is good or not. So if you test the game here, could you please tell me:

  • What is your final score?
  • Do you find the game too easy, too hard, or quite balanced?

I guess all of you are busy finishing their games, but thanks to those who will help! :)

4 Responses to “The One Fork Restaurant (update #4 – testers needed!)”

  1. Atmospherium says:

    Interesting concept, and I think it’s really working well. The first time through I got to 200 points, the second time I got 600. It’s definitely challenging, but it’s the kind of challenge where I feel that I, as the player, can improve, not that the game sets me up for failure. Good work so far.

  2. FMgames says:

    THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!!! My score was 540 and i loved the game it was easy at the beggining and then got really hard.

  3. Madball says:

    I got 490 points on my first try. Almost every time there are 3 people, I miss one of them. And as the game progresses, this situation is unavoidable, as eating takes more time.
    The happiness meter replenishes with the same speed as it decreases, right? I think you should make it replenish faster, about 2 times I think, then it will be more interesting.

  4. drludos says:

    Thanks a lot for your feedback!

    I’ll try to tweak it again, to try to make it easier to play above the 500-600 points threshold! :)

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