Late Entry in 5 Hours!

Posted by (twitter: @cwkx)
December 15th, 2013 2:34 pm

A little late to the party, having decided to participate 5 hours ago, but decided what the heck; just go for something simple and fast.. you only have one after all :)

I really enjoyed making this tonight, it’s a very simple concept where you only have one cube that falls:



And you gotta avoid other bad cubes. Only if it hits a bad cube it splits into 8 octants recursively up to depth 5, plays a sound, and bounces of walls:



You loose when there’s not bits of the cube left, and the high score (time) is recorded.

Play/rate/comment here:

I streamed the 5 hour design & dev process on twitch (streams in the above link). It went according to plan with only a couple of minor problems that got sorted fairly quickly, and somehow managed a couple of hours polish! Very happy to have participated, and looking forward to playing your games tomorrow 😀

Night night!! @cwkx

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