I’ve finished!

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December 15th, 2013 5:56 pm

Ok I’ve finished my second Ludum Dare game. At last!

I… kinda procrastinated a lot on this one, but I think I’ve got something good.

First of all let me just give my thoughts on game maker (which is the tool I’ve decided to use this time, for some odd reason). This isn’t my first game in gamemaker. I used a lot of gamemaker when I was younger (mainly the drag and drop blocks were helpful) and it formed most of my understanding of programming. However I’ve only made one game prior to this game recently and I’m still getting to grips with GML (never learned it and I suppose now is probably a good time to start… HAHAHA)

  • I don’t like arrays in game maker
  • I really don’t like arrays in game maker
  • Seriously the way arrays are done in game maker is bad
  • GML is really confusing and the way it works with game maker objects reminds me a lot of smalltalk in a bad way
  • I couldn’t find a way to do inheritance and call the “super” function which would have been helpful but yeah that wasn’t possible I suppose
  • googling for a function in game maker gives you a result which seemed to indicate “documentation” but 404’s when you click on it for literally everything I searched for.

Ok my thoughts on making a game this weekend:

  • I procrastinated a lot
  • I never got tired of making Eminem say spaghetti (I’m a child)
  • The idea of Eminem rapping with Macklemore is funny to me (again, see point 2)
  • Adding content to a game is the most boring part of the game for me.
  • I have not tested this game properly.
  • I did all the sounds with my mouth where the sounds came out of. I think I sound good. I probably don’t sound good.

Anyway, that’s enough introspection on what I’ve done, how about the game?


You can get the game here


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