Help me pick CGA color mode!

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December 15th, 2013 7:31 am

So, CGA has more color palettes than you’d think! Here are the default ones:


First mode is the standard CGA mode as you know it, it’s most widely used because it looks best on b/w monitors.
Second mode colours are devoid of blue component, and appear much darker on b/w screens
Third mode is ‘undocumented’ but I actually stumbled on it by accident. It has some quirks but it looks nice.

Switching them in-game is quite tricky, so I’d rather stick to one. Which one should I choose?

7 Responses to “Help me pick CGA color mode!”

  1. themisfit25 says:

    Third for sure!

  2. Pyrofoux says:

    Number 2 is making me thinking about FIRE.
    Number 1 is more like COLD.
    Nmmber 3 is… 3D GLASSES MODE ?

  3. Hemuuuli says:

    I would go for third too. First one is too seen and second one just look likes vomit. 😀

  4. hun7er says:

    the third matches the title the best imho

  5. AMSmirnov says:

    Second and Third are good. But the best is first – It’s classic.

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