Health bar, Red overlay and no game :'(

Posted by (twitter: @caribouloche)
December 15th, 2013 4:12 pm


The game is working in multiplayer but i have an annoying issue where a player disconnection make the server crash.

I suspect a socket block error killing the app but being silenced by my try/catch that i’m using for buffering datas, not sure about that but i’ve been spending way too much time on a non-game-related bug and while i’m often glad to make the stretch until 3AM i don’t feel like i’ll be able to wrap this up on time.

I might participate in the Jam but i’m really uncertain that i’ll be able to fix this bug, seems too obscure and tight to my whole net lib to go the YOLO way. I’m a bit sad but it was a really good stress for my libraries :)

I hope to finish it at some point though.


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