Guennor’s progress #2

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December 15th, 2013 1:01 am
  • December 14th, 12:00 – December 15th, 5:46

I’ve managed to program a lot of stuff, mostly minor stuff but things that usually I have no time to do. My two friends are making the 3D art, each one is modeling a room of the game.
Today we had some problems, like, one of them got really sick and then he lost his internet connection, and the other one disappeared and is nowhere to be found 😛

In the meantime i’ve managed to make two timelapses! And there’s one more that i’m uploading right now.
In this one you can see me still making some basic stuff. I tried to make an enemy, and failed. Then I’ve started making the menu screen. Then i’ve programmed the items you can choose (only one!) before every room.

In this video you can see that I made some soon-to-be things that fire arrows at you. I even managed to make the arrows stick to the player! Made some blood particles and decals with placeholder textures.

Then my friends mysteriously disappeared. I got really boring of programming because I still didn’t see any of the art they’ve made, believe it or not. I decided to make the 2D sprite that we were going to use in the game.
I recorded it all, but when I finished it, I realized that i’ve recorded the wrong screen (the one I wasn’t using) so i’ve lost one of the coolest timelapses I was going to make ): That sucks.
Anyway, i’m uploading another timelapse of me trying to sort out how to work with 2D sprites now that Unity officially suports 2D mechanics. I’ll post it and whatever other timelapses I have on my next post.

Oh, and here are the sprite animations I did from scratch. :)


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