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December 15th, 2013 9:03 am

My entry is coming together very well! As it happened before, I put together several themes. I think both Gravity and Chaos are playing a huge role! In the game you have to lunch an artificial satellite into space to collect information about the solar system. The aim is to stay in the system long enough. You only get one shot, of course: after that, it’s all about the gravity! There’s still a lot to do, though! And I’d like to have multiple satellites orbiting around. Let’s see what I can do in the few hours left! :-)

Orbital3 Orbital2


Plus, an animated GIF for the other LD48-ers!


6 Responses to “Gravity-game-that-has-not-a-name-yet”

  1. MrTedders says:

    Wow! This look pretty damn good and spot on for the theme. Nice work!

  2. AlanZucconi says:

    Thank you! *_*
    I started with another idea, to be honest. But it wasn’t fun at all… this seems to be quite an interesting prototype! :-)

  3. Pickens Inc. says:

    I agree with MrTedders! This looks freaking amazing! Meanwhile there’s my game which looks like a drawing with Ms Paint.

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