GoatLove Done.

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December 15th, 2013 11:56 am

Once again, as last time, I was hit by surprise of exactly how unable to do anything I am at 03:00 in the morning (the time the theme was announced).
This time I teamed up with ViperMD who acted as creative partner and modeller/artist. So the entry had to be entered into the Jam, even though we did not spend anything near 72 hours (or even 24) on this, there had to be time for other important things too, like Babylon 5 and pizza 😉

The finished game is far from our original intention which was pretty interesting (we think): You’ve only got one look at the level before you have to program your spaceships navigation computer.

The idea was that we’d make some kind of simple obstacle course and present this to the player in some neat way, after this, the player would (on some interface I’ve not yet imagined) enter the movement-commands that fits with getting through the obstacle course.

Simple enough, but somehow the idea failed to materialize into code, 3D models also came into existence at an unanticipated rate. So in the end, we had not much to work with and I decided to abandon the idea and go for the “only one life” that everyone says everyone is doing 😛
I hit a dead end code-wise, and decided to simply hack something together.
But oh well, it was fun to do and a nice way to spend a weekend.
The result of our “hard”.. “work” is not even too boring to play either.. So check that out if you’ve got the time.

Compo Entry for GoatLove



What went right:

  • Got GitHub project and Contigrator setup beforehand so push to github results in automatic build, packing and webhosting of new release.
  • Had template projects in place, thought everything was done.
  • Lovely heart particles coming out the back of a goat.
  • Got more features into Excessive Overkille (for example model caching)
  • Found and fixed few bugs in EO.

What went wrong:

  • Hit by writers block, it’s easy to blame the theme, but truth is that many brilliant games came from it.
  • Not mentally prepared to write code, it resulted in a nasty mess.
  • Poject-management/teamwork skillz were a bit off, fun was had but productivity was low.
  • Original concept required technical angle I had not anticipated.
  • Original concept was not implemented because we failed to materialize how it should actually look.

What to do different next time:

  • Participate in a warmup-weekend and get psyched and motivated.
  • Practice teamwork/workflow to increase productivity (while preserving or increasing fun being had)
  • Create a Storyboard / Design on whiteboard or paper and work through everything before starting work.

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