Failure, Failure

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December 15th, 2013 3:46 am

So, my idea was a bust; I bit off more than I could chew. While my game concept was feasible within the compo period, I didn’t have enough knowledge to actually see it through in that time. I spent almost all day today just trying to get collision detection to work, and I have no clue about enemy pathfinding or a number of other critical parts.

I’ll be bringing the protototype to completion outside of the LD, just for the sake of the practice.

As for the LD, if I can come up with a decent game concept within the limited time left, I’ll try to race something out.

To those who know: what’s the difference between the compo and the jam?


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  1. scheurneus says:

    In the Jam, you may work 3 days(saturday, sunday and monday) instead of 2 (saturday and sunday).
    In the Jam, you also can work in a team.

  2. Novodantis says:

    The Comp is like playing the Jam on Hard Difficulty

    • Cybearg says:

      Thanks for the responses. I won’t worry too much about the Compo deadline, then. Still being inexperienced and all. :)

      It’s insane what some people can do on their own in just 48 hours…

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