DONE.. sore old eyes

December 15th, 2013 6:07 pm

if ¬†you don’t like the game you might like

the music/sfx as i spent far too long on them ;p



i kind of went off on a tangent and lost the theme really (my idea wasn’t that good to begin with heh)

but i came up with something, so here it is :)

i decided to leave the gfx clean’ish. i probably spent abit too much time on the music and sfx
but i was trying to make up for lack of theme and a rubbish game ;p

i dont think il use java next time..starting to do my head in with all the security things
(sorry if you get a security msg, i don’t know how to get around it)

thanks guys.. had fun cheers :)




simples :

arrows / wasd

-just hover off the blue objects until they disappear
-avoid the orange/red object
-u can recharge in the middle (green)
-you are safe on the outsides (depending on which way the orange object is coming)



you can try it here if you like :)

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