Crew, A Futuristic Detective Game (third update)

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December 15th, 2013 12:48 pm



Crew is a futuristic re-imagining of CLUE, where you try to discover who killed the captain of your spaceship, where, and with what. The game-play includes narrowing down suspects with information and writing down info on loose pieces of paper. Not only can you solve who killed the captain of your ship, but you also get judged and graded on how well you’ve done and how few clues you took. I’m hoping to finish for the jam deadline, but we’ll see!

I’m coming in on the home stretch and running out of time to get the game how I want it, but right now it works.

  • Integrated selection with score system.
  • Added scoring.
  • Main menu added.
  • Room selection added, as well as hover for room name.
  • Item system now hiding items in rooms correctly.
  • Investigation added, investigate rooms for clues, the fewer you have to investigate, the better your score.
  • Winning and losing is fully implemented.
  • Lots of icons added.
  • Fixing dialogue to be a tad better (working)

I have a big issue right now with the dialogue system that might not be fixed by launch. Dialogue sometimes overlaps, making it near impossible to narrow down the suspects to a single person, meaning you have to guess between a couple possible subjects at times. I initially wanted to add clue system along with investigation which gave you an option to look for clues as well as investigate in order to narrow your murderers down, but I just don’t think I’ll have time as I’m rather burnt out. I’m pretty happy with what I’ve made so far in such limited time, though. As a first time LD’er, I’m learning a lot right now.

Below is a screenshot of the final interface and everything! Working great in HTML5 as well.



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