Crew, A Futuristic Detective Game (second update)

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December 15th, 2013 8:13 am

Made even more progress in the last five or so hours.



Crew¬†is a futuristic re-imagining of CLUE, where you try to discover who killed the captain of your spaceship, where, and with what. The game-play includes narrowing down suspects with information and writing down info on loose pieces of paper. Not only can you solve who killed the captain of your ship, but you also get judged and graded on how well you’ve done and how few clues you took. I’m hoping to finish for the jam deadline, but we’ll see!

  • Dialogue / GUI text system with that nice typewriter effect implemented.
  • Random dialogue system coded, dialogue is complete but needs tweaked.
  • Named the Rooms, Weapons, and Suspects.
  • Suspect selection was added along with icons for suspects.
  • Weapon selection was added.
  • Audio on/off toggle was added.
  • Name-tags were added when hovering above suspects

4 Responses to “Crew, A Futuristic Detective Game (second update)”

  1. Phil River says:

    This looks insanely nice. Looks like a solid finalist material.

  2. EpaceGames says:

    It looks wonderful. It will be the first one I play.

  3. steamgirl says:

    Can’t wait to play it! :)

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