Cluster Buster

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December 15th, 2013 4:05 pm

I’ve been a little lazy, and now I’m paying the price. Fortunately I had a rather simple idea and the game is almost feature complete (at the cost of clean code…).

The game plays a bit like the old You-Go-They-Go Daleks/Robots, meaning, a bunch of enemies follow you around, trying to corner you, but in my version you have ONE big bomb and a few laser blasts (which are used to detonate the bomb once deployed). Spare laser guns (ammo) scattered around also doubles as exploding barrels. Laser blasts can go through multiple enemies and can also destroy bushes. The goal is to line or lump the enemies up and be as efficient as possible.

Cluster Buster early screenshot

The graphics are inspired by Rebelstar Raiders. I’m gonna do an arcadey border for the HUD now I think.

2 Responses to “Cluster Buster”

  1. SonnyBone says:

    Oh man you can shoot the guns? Now I gotta go back and try again!

    I love this game. Good job.

  2. Arne says:

    Shooting the guns is useful but you lose 2 shots that way so you have to make sure that you get a lot of enemies (10+ or so). You can also drop the bomb and use it as a barrier, then pick it up again. However, there’s a bug which vanishes bombs dropped into walls (or enemies). I forgot to add a no-go sound and check the bomb counter. You can’t drop guns and use them as grenades… unsure if it makes the bomb feel a bit redundant, even tho it has a larger blast radius.

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