Time for sleep!

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December 14th, 2013 6:53 pm

Oh boy, I’ve actually managed to get stuff done today. Not as much that I planned, but considering that I already have something playable that can almost be beaten or lost (as soon as I add damage to weapons), I can’t really complain.

On tomorrow’s agenda:

  • finish weapon damage & hit collisions
  • fix the weapon swing
  • add more enemies
  • add a new item type, implement inventory
  • add game over/victory screen
  • add point counting
  • replace temp graphics with something nicer
  • add sounds
  • implement boss fight
  • add collidable tiles to the map

Out of that list, I expect to manage the first few, especially since I’ll be enjoying a concert in the evening and probably won’t get up early. But it’s good to plan anyway :)



Here’s a screenshot from earlier this night, the guys are happily whacking at each other with their swords. Only, there was a slight problem with the weapon scale. Can you spot it?


I’ve been up for about 19 hours, so it’s time to catch some sleep. From what I’ve seen (been peeking at people’s streams and posts every now and then), there are some really promising projects cooking. Good luck everyone!

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