post #5: UI loading + interaction

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December 14th, 2013 2:46 pm


A good chunk of today has passed, but the game is somewhat mechanically playable now. For native iOS development, I have a Photoshop script that exports each layer as its own image along with a buttload of metadata for where things are laid out on screen. I’m using the metadata to create a Dictionary of named positions on screen, which lets me do things like spawn a card at the position name “deck” or “dealt_card.” The actual background itself is one big flattend PNG.

Next steps:

  • wire up the text fields in all the correct positions
  • put in the logic for figuring out your finished attack/defense hands
  • add some sort of initiative display to this screen (thinking Final Fantasy style…ish)
  • create a set of janky low-res bodies/heads to use for player/enemy portraits (maybe in the style of Spaceteam)

Next next steps:

  • Intro/Menu screen
  • start battle / maneuver screen (with health progress bars)
  • you win and you lose screens

If I can get all that done today, that’ll leave tomorrow to focus on the economy/content and the store screen.


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