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December 14th, 2013 12:19 am

I really haven’t gotten much done in the 3-4 hours I’ve been working on things so far (not counting the couple of hours it took to settle on an idea).

I decided on a top-down Zelda-style adventure game that incorporates the “You Only Have One” theme with the player having only one weapon: a magical staff. In order to overcome obstacles or attack/defend against enemies that have various magical powers, the player will need to set the combination of elemental magic that their one tool–the staff–will be giving out. For instance, the common situation of encountering a fire enemy. The player may switch to water or ice magic to attack with, or switch the staff to fire magic and block with it, preventing the player from taking the elemental fire damage.

This will be a big learning experience for me, since I haven’t ever made an action game before, even one as simple as a Zelda-style adventure game. Presently, I only have the controls (which currently require a gamepad, like that of an Xbox 360) implemented to select the elemental magics, as well as a life/magic bar in the form of blue pips that circle the center. I’ll get into the meat of this project tomorrow.

Goodnight, darers!


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