Magpie, day one

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December 14th, 2013 5:39 pm

Hello All,

As we are approaching 2 am here, I felt it was a good idea to show what Moose and I got thusfar:

We incorporated the theme in the way of only having one inventory slot, while there are a lot of interesting items that you’d want to carry around with you.

Looking on a map

Looking on a map

Magpie-man with a pickaxe

Magpie-man with a pickaxe

Magpie is slowly becoming a simple dungeon-crawler/explorer (enemies are planned!). The goal is to find the exit, guarded by a boss that is too strong to just battle with simple tools.
Luckily, the walls in the randomly generated dungeons are stuffed with all kinds of nifty equipment! You can however only hold (and therefore use) one item at a time. If you’d like to dig some tunnels, you’d have to drop your weapon to make space for a pickaxe. If you then so happen to stumble upon a cave filled with monsters, you’ll have to rush back for your sword!

We like the idea and we have most of the basics standing now, tomorrow will be used for adding lots of items, and some NPCs to fight against!

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