Long live the Queen!

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December 14th, 2013 11:00 am

My entry is now functionally finished. It’s chess but with modified rules. You only have a Queen and after each turn the enemy will spawn an additional random piece on a random square on the board. For each piece your Queen takes you gain points based on the value of that piece. Once your Queen is taken by an enemy piece, the game is over.



I’m really happy overall with the concept of this game. The rules are incredibly simple, but of course it has all the emergent gameplay and strategy of regular chess. It also ramps up in difficulty very nicely as for each turn in which you don’t manage to take a piece, there’s one extra piece threatening squares on the board, meaning that you slowly run out of options as pieces begin to defend each other.

The next steps are to add some help screens to explain the concept and the way each piece moves for people that don’t know chess already. I’m also going to add Kongregate leaderboard support because score is everything in this game.


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  1. sumprunk says:

    This was cool!

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