I’m in ! :)

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December 14th, 2013 9:56 am

Okay so here in the Nesblog nest we are four little teams for this new LD28 ! I’ve got the seat right next to the firecamp, it probably inspired my little idea.

Nesblog Station

I will try to make a mini labyrinth exploration game, where you only get one matchstick. You play as a team of goblins lost here and the shaman has a brilliant idea : send one goblin at a time. Using his astral vision, the shaman will follow his scout’s progression.

LD28 idea

You play the scout. If you play in the dark, you will only hear your path – “i’m going left. Right. Forward. BLONK-outch! Groooarrrr… aaaaah!!“. If you use the matchstick, only once and for a limited time, your path will be traced by the shaman on the map.

If you die, the next goblin will know the map and will have his own matchstick in order to pursue the escape. You will have to find the exit before running out of goblins. =)

I’m in Jam mode, using Javascript/Canvas on notepad++/firefox/firebug and old’ Paint shop pro 5 for the graphisms. And Filezilla. And La Boite à Couleurs.

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  1. jerombd says:

    It looks very promising!!

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