half-way in status report

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December 14th, 2013 6:31 pm

Hey, I’m doing Ludum Dare!














In my game, you’re a wall-jumping old guy with cool eyebrows protecting an ancient treasure from bandits and adventurers who want to steal your treasure by throwing your only spear at them, which you need to collect from their cold dead bodies or from the wall every time you throw it, like the old knight dude from The Last Crusade, but with a spear. I call it: #YOGO-spear. (I will most probably not call my game #YOGO-spear)

Development went pretty slow today, I’m taking it pretty easy. Lots of breaks and stuff. I got stuff done though, running and jumping and spearing also feels very gratifying.

Tomorrow, I’ll make these things:

-Big, sizeable pile ‘o money the bad guys will steal from

-The level

-Spawn system for enemies

-Sound effects


-Enemy sprites with a bag ‘o money

-Somekind of menu or titlescreen or whatever

150% STRETCHGOAL: different kinds of enemies

200% STRETCHGOAL: Polish and stuff. Polish is important. Stuff is also important.

-probably unforseen other stuff


Okay I need to catch some sleep yo. Peace out.


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  1. Gravedrinker says:

    Looks awesome, I’m looking forward to it.

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