Engine starting to take shape

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December 14th, 2013 1:45 pm

After 7 hours my engine starts to take shape.

Btw: I’m in! 😛


The game is thought to become kind of a twin-stick-shooter (keyboard + mouse) where you fly with your jetpack through a randomly generated world, avoiding hazards, to free the people of <insert planet name>. The evil <insert baddy name> has captured the inhabitants and is replacing them by evil machines (No, it’s not Dr.Robotnik).

At the moment you just get a small randomly generated plane, with trees, hornets (pink squares) and hedgehogs (wider pink squares), which are firing at you. Bulletcollisions are deactivated, since you only get one chance to complete the whole game! Of course you will be able to buy upgrades, in case you don’t do in in your first attempt. Upgrades will be only one shield, magnet, megabomb, …

Controls: WASD / cursors for movement, mouse to aim and shoot

Not very fun at the moment, but It’s kind of relaxing, to shoot some of the destructible terrain (especialy the leafs) after a long coding session :).

The game is written in java without any library. Art and Sfx are coming soon.
I’ve written a very similar engine in the last days, but this version is fully rewritten. If you like the terrain-destruction, you might be interested in this older version of the engine:

Dentist in space

Controls: WASD / cursors for movementmouse to aim and shoot
1/2/3 to choose dental laser/cement canon/light (for hardening cement)


If you like to, then let me know, what you think of anything of it.

Besides that, happy ludum-daring :)

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