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    Day 1 progress – Last Minute Christmas Chopping

    Posted by
    December 14th, 2013 5:39 pm



    ==> Play now! (WebGL required) <==

    I found this theme very challenging. All ideas were either way too narrow to be fun, or way too broad to be restricting at all. While I was trying to figure out what kind of game to make, I implemented the WebGL framework I needed in Dart, which involves quite a lot of heavy lifting, including having to write shaders. WebGL gives you almost nothing for free.

    Once I had the framework up and running, I had no idea what game to make, so I temporarily ditched what I had to try out another idea. That idea sucked, so I went back to the original mess and slowly over the day turned it into a game about santa claus having to gather wood in order to be able to create all the toys he will soon distribute.

    Tomorrow, I will tweak and try to balance the gameplay, add a titlescreen and a game over screen, and look into getting some sounds in there. For once, I’m not worried about running out of time.


    4 Responses to “Day 1 progress – Last Minute Christmas Chopping”

    1. ENDESGA says:

      Interesting concept! I love it!

    2. Gravedrinker says:

      Very nice pixel Santa! And really cool idea, I had my problems thinking of something too. It’s pretty damn fun running through the woods and slashing stuff.

    3. rprz says:

      I was watching your stream today off and on. in the morning it was a greyish figure with left and right moving action. In the afternoon it was this. It is amazing to see this sort of progress in only a few hours. Keep up the good work!

    4. CappaGames says:

      Nice, it’s pretty fun already. Just had an idea while playing it. It would be fun to have to juggle a certain enemy forward for a couple of hits. (attack them, they bounce backwards and then come back at you…hit them 3 times to defeat them and get a bonus or something) Anyways, I’m looking forward to the finished game, nice work.

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