Change of engine

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December 14th, 2013 3:42 am

Well, about 2 hours after the compo’s start (luckily I hadn’t written anything major, but had decided on my idea), I had a change of heart and completely switched engines from C++ and SDL to:

Language: Javascript – HTML5

Engine: None :)

Graphics: Photoshop

Audio: cfxr + Audacity

If anyone knows of a good place to host an HTML 5 game once I’ve finished, please leave a comment! The best option I can think of now is just to use my Node.JS hoster (Heroku) and get it to print out the index.html file.

Progress Report:

Finished: Tile map loading, art, player movement and camera tracking, collision detection.

To Do: menu screen, opening cutscene, enemy spawning and AI, gun stuff, ammo, sound, boss fight.

I’m pretty happy with that :)

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  1. alvarop says:

    Gamejolt is pretty good!

  2. Jexel says:

    What about amazon web services?

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