[Whitesnake] We’re In it!

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December 13th, 2013 9:22 pm

Hiya folks!

We’re Whitesnake out of Austin, TX.


A hardy and handsome bunch, right? We’re all students roughing it at The University of Texas at Austin. We’ve all just finished with our final exams and we’re raring to continue our trend of stressful, sleepless crunch work for LD28!

Here’s theChris, our lead programer and executive producer (we’re set up in his living room)


sigfig, our artguy and level designer! He’s pleased to meetcha!


Our excited interns interns Antonio and Axel (who are Latin American!)


Look how excited they are! It’s their first time working with Unity, so we’re having them and their youthful enthusiasm pair program.

I’m aomeng, here’s my ugly mug:


Whitesnake’s got a few ideas kicking around for a first-person Unity game, so stay tuned for when we decide on one! We’re currently networking our computers together and setting up git:


We’re looking forwards to scope creep and poor breakfast decisions! To be continued….




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  1. Amateur Labs says:

    Texans represent! Passed it up, but UT is a lovely university. Looking forward to seeing what y’all come up with :)


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