December 13th, 2013 5:01 pm

Man, I’m cutting this post close. Well, hello world, Tim here for his 6th LD! I can’t wait to get this started, it’s been a good while since I’ve worked on a new game. My tools:

  • CODE: Coding Lua with LÖVE in Notepad++, as always. I’ll be starting off with my collection of community libraries, which I really need to make sure is up to date before this thing starts.
  • GRAPHICS:, or Photoshop if things get crazy. I’ll likely try to use my pen tablet. I wanted to try out Spriter for this one, and I still might, but learning it could waste a lot of my time.
  • SOUND: Aria Maestosa for music, or Musagi, if things get even crazier. iNudge or Otomata, when if I run out of time. (S/B)FXR and my laptop’s built-in mic for sound effects. Audacity for tying up loose ends.
  • DESIGN: A notepad, a writing utensil, the web for research, and Tiled for tiles. I still hate Tiled.
  • STREAM: Open Broadcaster Software. And my Twitch, obviously.

My goals for this Ludum (which I recommend everyone write down):

  1. Make something in a SUBgenre I haven’t. I’m cutting off the “no platformer” restriction this time, just because I’m starting to miss making them. But I still haven’t made an action platformer. Or a (good) puzzle platformer. Or a metroidvania. Or a combination of all three… But let’s try to avoid the whole “get crazy” thing.
  2. Make the game worth playing. My games have certainly been getting better, but so far I haven’t made anything you’d expect to get press attention. Could that change this time?
  3. Make the graphics look good. Again. I thought I did pretty well with this goal last time, but let’s face it, it still wasn’t all that great. And the graphics rating was worse than the last one (which was only a bunch of rectangles!).
  4. Make a game with no killing? I’m not really sure about this one. I mean, I support the message behind McFunkyPants’s #NOKILL challenge, but none of my games have had any killing in the first place. Can’t I make one with combat just once?
  5. Try NOT to give up in the middle! It’s not like I’ve ever done this before. It’s just I’m secretly not in that good a mood right now, so I’m afraid it could happen.

You can follow my progress this weekend on Twitter or on my live stream.

As usual, good luck to everyone, especially the newbies! Without you guys, Ludum Dare wouldn’t be growing nearly as big as it is.

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  1. Zanzlanz says:

    I share almost all of your goals!

    I really want to make a platformer this time too! I guess it depends on the theme and what ideas I come up with.
    Making a ‘game worth playing’ is a perfect goal, but just don’t accidentally overthink your concept for just 48 hours. I did that once and I kinda regret it.
    I also agree with the #NoKill thing in my case, since the closest to a shooting game that I made was Human Apocalypse haha :)

    You’re awesome! I can’t wait to play and rate your submission when it’s done! 😀

    Good luck Tim!

  2. mohammad says:

    That makes two of us.

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