Chirp 1.2 – Online music composer

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December 13th, 2013 12:30 pm

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

If you are not familiar with the project – it is free online music composer that can render your song into WAV file. Works in Chrome only. Chrome and Firefox supported.

Link to tutorial (still for version 1.1)
Link to composer

Major changes in v1.2:

* Soundbank – with couple basic instruments (piano, bass, synths)
* Totally reimplemented Piano Roll
* Notes are now edited with mouse
* Notes group selection (hold CTRL)
* Hit TAB to get more workspace in Piano Roll
* Reverb (for now automatically added to main channel – except for drums)
* New mouse wheel behaviours – in playlist wheel on instrument icons will scroll through them – wheel on the playlist itself will scroll its position.
* Obvious theme redesign

Please note that it is rushed release – bugs here and there.

Coming next:

* More instruments in soundbank
* Sampled drums / drumpad
* Soundcloud integration
* Effects channels
* Save/open files?


* Vertical piano (it was really awkward for editing purposes)
* Sharing with native player (sorry – this was cool idea but composer/player code separation costs me too many design choices – this should not be an issue after soundcloud integration)

Previous release note

10 Responses to “Chirp 1.2 – Online music composer”

  1. robashton says:

    Nice – might give this a go

  2. Whoa, this is amazing dude. Thanks!

  3. Gtoknu says:

    Saw this on reddit a while ago, pbbly i’ll be using this!

  4. travislucia says:

    This is great, one question when I hit spacebar it plays the current loop but does not stop playing it or will stop playing sound and continue to loop.

  5. Thijsku says:

    This looks amazing! The audio disappears when I’m playing a part of a song, though. :(

  6. Thijsku says:

    (same problem as travislucia)

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